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End of the [school] year thoughts...

At the end of every SCHOOL year, I have a moment where I think to myself, "that was my hardest year yet". I am once again experiencing that feeling, but this one takes the cake. Who would've thought that we'd spend the last 85 days of our school year at home? Thoughts I had at the beginning of this pandemic: What is Zoom? How do you make a Youtube video? What do the kids have at home that we can create lessons around? How will I stay on task with so much "time" on my hands, when in reality, I found myself running out of time in the day to get things done because I was trying to teach myself so much! I will not go on about how difficult it was because we all felt it in some way or another. And now that Summer is here we should feel a sense of relief, right? We'll see how it goes, but thinking back to the beginning of all of this...

After my first week home in "quarantine", I wrote a few things down - just chicken scratch, but it helped me process what was going on and put my thoughts on paper. Maybe you felt the same or can resonate with something here. This goes out to all my coworkers, my director, my students, their parents, and our community in general.

(Sorry in advance if it doesn't make sense to you or you cannot read my handwriting - just thought it would be fun to include here. Insight into a teacher's perspective on this whole situation! Much love, MK


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