Meaning behind the treasure chest...


These are pictures of drawings made by my students showcasing their interpretation and inspiration for an art project...

After receiving the news that our school would be closing alongside all the schools in Fairfield County, I was devastated that I couldn't be with my students in the classroom. There were so many projects we were in the middle of and one, in particular, we were about to start; our auction art masterpiece. Around this time of year, our class would be working on a collaborative art piece for our school's auction, but since we will not be able to have the event due to the pandemic there is no fundraising currently going on. Our class voted on the theme of Treasure Chest which sparked my idea behind the first playdough kit. One of my goals for creating these playdough kits is to help bring us together during a confusing time for young children. Playdough offers a wide range of benefits by fostering language development, fine motor skills, and social-emotional development. Not only do the kits support your child's growth and success, but they will also support an organization near and dear to my heart. With this first themed box, I want to give back to the place that fosters so many memories, developmental milestones, and loads of laughs and smiles. Your purchase of Playdough Kit #1 will include a donation to Harbor Light Preschool Academy! I want this box to be a joyful and meaningful experience for every child who comes across it. With playdough, "the possibilities are limitless," as my dad has always said. MK THANKS YOU!

 The vote [was] in! Treasure Chest won!

If you do not have any need for a playdough kit but want to support Harbor Light Preschool please visit their website and make a donation! Any amount is greatly appreciated! Click here to donate to HLPA

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