What's the big deal with playdough?

Picture a preschool classroom full of children. Then try to put yourself in the shoes of each child. Are they all the same? Chances are your answer is no. And you'd be right because no two children are alike. They have different features; physically, emotionally and mentally. Each one is working at their own pace and their own learning styles. One tool I have found to be extremely effective when working towards developmental milestones is PLAYDOUGH. The most obvious skill being worked on is fine motor because they're working with their hands. It is strengthening the muscles in their hands and fingers.
Playdough can also open up language development opportunities. Have a child who isn't very talkative? Put a piece of playdough in front of them and a couple loose parts to go with it and watch what happens; Their guard will come down because there is something else to focus on and they may have questions when using the materials, which initiates conversations while gaining new vocabulary. While a child "plays" with playdough there are numerous connections happening in their cognitive and problem solving abilities. Play is learning for young children and they will be more inclined to open up when given the opportunity to express themselves through play!

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