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My Story

Hi there! I'm Mary Kate. Master of Science in Early Childhood Education, Preschool Teacher, and creative brain behind the scenes with one big goal in mind: providing a high-quality, imaginative, and meaningful experience for your child. My passion for fostering the development of young children has driven me from the beginning and helps me create for the future. I believe in developmentally appropriate and open-ended play and I want to use this platform to help you rediscover the sense of wonder you experienced as a child and help yours experience it for themselves.
I have studied and worked in the ECE world for over 10 years and I enjoy finding new ways to share my knowledge with others. From my incredibly talented professors to my well-seasoned coworkers, I have learned that the experiences in my classroom inform the way I teach and develop lessons. Playdough is one of the most powerful tools in a preschool classroom and can be in your home as well.
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